2 = pilot light, light.
Ex. The problem with pilot lights is that they waste a lot of gas and that's why most modern appliances do not have them.
Ex. Examination reveals positions on the cards where the light passes through all the cards in a stack.
* ballena piloto = pilot whale.
* casa piloto = show home, show house.
* ensayo piloto = pilot trial.
* estudio piloto = pilot study.
* llama piloto = pilot light.
* luz piloto = pilot light.
* pez piloto = pilot fish.
* piloto de aviso = warning light.
* piloto de emergencia = emergency warning light.
* piso piloto = show home.
* programa piloto = pilot program(me).
* Programa Piloto sobre Discos Opticos = Optical Disc Pilot Program.
* proyecto piloto = pilot project, trial project, pilot scheme.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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